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  • 5 star review  Found out about this place a few months back. So happy to have found it. A hidden gem for sure. They supply all your smoking and bbq needs. Amazing friendly, knowledgeable staff. Great prices. Can't go wrong!!! Great business. Everyone should come check them out! Thank you guys.

    thumb Hank Deweever

    5 star review  Was pleasantly surprised by this store. Wonderful selection of seasonings, and the gentleman running it was pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable. Very happy to have been told about this place, will definitely be visiting again and recommend anyone who enjoys BBQ'g, food smoking, and cooking in general, to check it out.

    thumb Tracy-Lynn Myers

    5 star review  Great little hidden gem. Stopped in for my first time yesterday. They carry all of the big name spices and sauces that we usually have to ship from Toronto- (Dickson BBQ). Will definitely return and share the good news this place exists.

    thumb Chris McGrath

    5 star review  Thanks for the great smoker guys, it has been a great addition to my home and my friends and family love some of the meals I have done. Great job ?

    thumb Ryan Keith
  • 5 star review  Fantastic selection of Rubs and sauces. Lots of pellets to choose from also, and if you need a BBQ they got you covered.SUPPORT LOCAL.

    thumb Bituman onetwothree

    5 star review  Made the mistake of checking this place out for spices and walked out with a new smoker! 😉 It doesn't have as large a selection of spices and sauce as BBQ Country, but what it does have is staff who have a passion for smokers. Russ was great to talk shop with and showed me the advantages of trying a Pit Boss grill after 2 years with my Traeger. Hats off to the staff running the shop. They opened during the early days of COVID and will be expanding and offering more selection/courses over the next few months.

    thumb Trevor Beck

    5 star review  Fantastic bbq shop. From grills to accessories, spices & seasoning this shop has it all, including award winning pit masters to talk grilling with. Highly recommend!!

    thumb Nathan Satanove

    5 star review  Sherwood Park's Leader in BBQ! If you're in need of supplies, spices or a great smoker, check this place out! Russ and his team even offer BBQ classes at select times. Definitely worth the visit!! A++

    thumb Carlos Ariba

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A class designed for couples! We’ll be cooking Braided Pork Tenderloin, Smoked Lamb Chops and Smoked Crème Brulee. Each ticket is Per Couple!

New Pit Boss BBQ Rubs

The 6 best seasonings in the new Pit Boss Grills Lineup Pit Boss Grills recently revamped their seasoning lineup, and they released a line of 23 new seasonings. While we loved some of their old seasonings like the Sweet Rib Rub and their brisket seasoning, this new...

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Costco Sliced Pork Belly Recipe

You are walking down the aisles at your local Costco and you spy what looks like Thick cut bacon strips in the meat department. It is way too thick to be bacon and the sticker on the tag says, “Pork Belly Slices”. They typically around about 10 inches long and 1-2 inches thick. Is it bacon? How do you cook it? Well for starters, it is not bacon, it is what bacon is made from. Bacon is what you would get if you cured this meat for a few days and then smoked it, what we are teaching you to do here today is to cook it without having to wait for a few days. I hope you are hungry because Costco portions are huge, and this is a high calorie meal. If you find pork belly at another grocery store or local butcher, you can still make this recipe, you will just need to cut your belly into 1.5” thick strips before we start.

Low and Slow Peppery Burnt Ends

Burnt ends might be my favorite single bite of food in this whole world. Burnt ends are not burnt and they are also not the ends of anything, so it’s a funny name if you ask me. Burnt ends are made from the point of the brisket and they are little moist tender cubes of amazingness. Sometimes referred to as “Beef Dice” because of their shape, anytime you are eating them you should feel lucky because they take a long time to prepare right and if they are done right, they are buttery and amazing.

Black and Bleu (Blue) Ribeye Steak

Ribeyes are the king of steaks, their buttery fatty flavor gives you lots of opportunity to make your seasonings sing. You want to hit your steak with strong flavors to really stand out. I usually stick with White lightning and Double secret steak rub, but when I am looking for a change a blackened steak with blue cheese is an out of this world combination. Spiceology came up with a spice blend featuring this iconic mix to tingle your taste buds. I was a little nervous about the pungent blue cheese would overpower the steak, but I was pleasantly surprised that it just gave a little zip of flavour that paired nicely with the heat from the blackening spice.

Stuffed Chicken Breast with Asparagus, Mozzarella and Parmesan

Chicken breast is one of the most popular healthy foods in the world, partly because it is so low in fat but also because it cooks up quickly and can have a ton of flavor and juiciness when prepared correctly. This recipe is a surefire way to add extra flavor to the meat by stuffing it with 2 types of cheese, seasoning and asparagus. This combination is amazing and will surely make you forget that you are eating healthy.

Dinosaur Bones, Aka Monster Beef Ribs

Monster beef plate ribs are one of my most indulgent meals that I chase down a couple of times per year. The feeling of plowing into a single rib that can feed 1-2 people is a very primal moment for most people. Combine that with a beautiful bark and soft juicy salty meat in the middle and you’ve got yourself some BBQ heaven.

Beef Finger Meat

You have walked past it a hundred times in the grocery store and thought to yourself “that’s looks delicious, I wonder how you cook it?”. Beef finger meat is very alluring because of it’s rich fat content and price (hint: it’s cheap!). But what is it!? Beef Finger meat is the meat that exists between the bones of beef ribs. This fatty, juicy meat is typically cut away from the bones from the section of the ribs where there is not much meat on top of the bones. So think half way between the short plate ribs and the ribeye. Because beef rib meat is one of my favorite things to eat off a cow, I had to perfect a recipe for the beef finger meat to take advantage of the cheap price and not paying for the bone!

Charcoal Grilled Butter Seasoned Picanha Skewers

Picanha is one of the most sought-after cuts of meat in south America and Brazil specifically. This piece of steak comes from the top cap of the top sirloin. Often cooked rotisserie style over charcoal and then sliced on demand, it makes great steak, impressive service and is relatively easy to cook. Known for being delicious because of its tenderness and big rich fat cap, this steak is sure to impress when cooked properly.

Montreal Smoked Meat

I have cooked many briskets and always happy with the results, this time I wanted to do something different, I’ve made corned beef previously but never Montreal Smoked Meat. I always enjoy getting one of these sandwiches whenever I visit Montreal and wanted to see how close I could come to duplicating it. Here is the recipe for my first attempt at Montreal Smoked Meat. I must say that the time and effort you put in will result in a satisfying product you can be proud of and share with family and friends. I was pleasantly surprised on the taste, tenderness and fabulous aroma this meat has. I hope you give it a try.

Fried Bannock and Smoked Bannock with Optional Cinnamon Sugar

When I was a child, we learned how to make Bannock in school. I do not remember making the dough, I just remember wrapping it around a stick and roasting it over a fire. I vividly remember really enjoying the process of learning how to make food. The simplicity of bannock is amazing because it can be made from scratch in just a few minutes and the cooking process is so simple that even small children can do it over a campfire. Fried bannock is even more delicious, but for obvious reasons I see why we didn’t learn that one in school.

Smoked Greek Lamb Leg

I love lamb, it one of the most flavorful meats that you can get easily in most stores. In my local grocery store, all the lamb that they sell is frozen, and there is nothing wrong with that, but if you can find fresh lamb, that is where it’s at. I was lucky enough to find a deboned lamb leg at my local Costco, so I grabbed it up and planned an awesome cook around it for my Sunday while watching NFL football. Sometimes lamb is cooked low and slow and you take it up to high temperatures like 200 degrees and then pulled, but in my opinion the higher end cuts of lamb should be cooked to lower temperatures and then eaten medium or medium rare in the 140–145-degree range. Today we are going to teach you to make the best lamb leg ever in just 7 easy steps.

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