2021 BBQ Seasoning and Sauce Advent Calendar


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Advent Calendars are no longer just for kids. In the last few years, many Advent Calendars have been popping up with more adult themes in mind, like beer / wine, cosmetics, socks, you name it. You Need a BBQ thought, why not take our most popular spices and sauces and put them in a 24 pack made for the true BBQ adventurer. Every day in December will have a new surprise item available to try. This calendar will keep your taste buds dancing for all of 2022. We even have 3 exciting, brand new spices that are being released late November, just in time. 🙂

This is a nearly $400 value, all packaged up neatly with a custom box and bow for an absolutely awesome price of $299!

Don’t want to be surprised by the contents? Click below to learn what is scheduled for each day or open the photo gallery to view.


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Dec 1 – Motley Que Sticky Fixx

Dec 2 – Loot’n Booty Everything Rub

Dec 3 – Boar’s Night Out White Lightning

Dec 4 – Meat Church Honey Hog

Dec 5 – Prairie Smoke and Spice Tumbleweed

Dec 6 – Duck Fat Spray

Dec 7 – Blues Hog Original

Dec 8 – Heath Riles Cherry

Dec 9 – Big Poppa Smoker’s Cash Cow Beef Rub

Dec 10 – Pit Boss Blackened Saskatchewan BBQ Rub

Dec 11 – Butcher Block Steak House Grilling Oil

Dec 12 – Motley Que Maple Fixx

Dec 13 – Rob’s Smokin’ Rub Smokey Hot

Dec 14 – Hive Gourmet – Hive Been Smoking Smoked Honey

Dec 15 – House of BBQ Experts Samurai Sauce

Dec 16 – Meat Church The Gospel Rub

Dec 17 – Boar’s Night Out BBQ Rub

Dec 18 – Butcher BBQ Grilling Addiction Rub

Dec 19 – Heath Riles Garlic Jalapeno Rub

Dec 20 – Big Poppa Smoker’s Little Louie’s Seasoned Garlic Salt

Dec 21 – You Need a BBQ Smoked Hickory Sauce

Dec 22 – Yonedas White

Dec 23 – Yonedas Red

Dec 24 – Yonedas Gold

Dec 25 – Bonus $10 Gift Card

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