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Authentic Foods Falafel Mix


Falafels are small veggie burger balls that are common in the Middle East. They’re commonly served in pita sandwiches with cucumber and tomato salads, salads, or on their own. Tahini sauce, tzatziki sauce, and hummus are common toppings for falafels.

The Authentic Foods Falafel Mix is made with Authentic Foods Garfava Flour and a savoury seasoning and herb blend. You can make baked falafel burgers, falafel pancakes, and use the falafel mix as a breading for fish, chicken, or vegetables in addition to falafels.

This blend is suitable for a wide spectrum of people. It’s ideal for someone who enjoys Middle Eastern cuisine, wants to learn something different, or is fed up with the same old sandwich or salad. This mixture is also ideal for those on a low-fat diet. Every baked falafel contains around 100 calories, 3 grams of fibre, and just 1 gram of fat.

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