Big Poppa Smoker’s Granny’s BBQ Sauce


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Is Granny’s BBQ Sauce an Academy Award-winning sauce? With all of the honours this BBQ sauce has won, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was an Oscar among them. Every time this barbecue sauce is entered into a competition, it wins a blue ribbon for best performance. Many BBQ smoker fans, from professional BBQ teams to die-hard home BBQ fighters, swear by Granny’s BBQ sauce.

With multiple flawless marks, this traditional family recipe has taken over the competition circuit – this BBQ sauce is wonderful on anything! On pulled pork, bbq brisket, chicken, and ribs, our customers rave about Granny’s BBQ sauce. Granny’s Barbeque Sauce is a mixture of spices, orange marmalade, brown sugar, and peach preserves that aims to become your go-to bbq sauce.

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