Brant Lake Gold Graded Wagyu Brisket 13-15lbs

Purchased In Store Only! All meat is market priced.

Current Market Price: $230 / each



Are you ready to experience some of the best beef you’ve ever eaten? If you’ve never tasted Wagyu beef before, get ready! The extreme marbling and tender texture are an experience unto itself.

Each Brisket is approximately 14-15lbs untrimmed

About Brant Lake Wagyu

Brant Lake Cattle Company recognizes the significance of good animal diet and treatment. Animal care, feeding, and fair management are critical to us as cattle producers and healthy cows that are well cared for deliver a premium beef product. We also understand the importance of animal welfare, food protection, and environmental matters to consumers and society as a whole. As a result, we’re partners in the Verified Beef Production program, which develops and endorses production standards in these critical areas.

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