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ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer


ProTemp Plus is the world’s first truly wireless meat thermometer designed to enhance your grilling experience. With its built-in WiFi, you can effortlessly monitor your grill without worrying about signal loss. The Pro Temp Plus can use and charge 3 probes at the same time and different probe size options are available to you depending on what you cook. Upgrade your grilling game with the Pro Temp Plus and take your BBQ skills to the next level.

  • Unlimited Range Transmission: Combined with WiFi and Bluetooth, ProTemp Plus send you alerts when food is ready, no more worrying about transmission distance and easy disconnection anymore.
  • Multiple Probes Option: ProTemp Plus support up to 3 probes. You can purchase the product with one standard probe or extra probes.
  • Mini Size Probes Available: ChefsTemp designed mini probes specifically to cater to the needs of cooking smaller cuts of meat. With the ProTemp Plus, you can use and charge our standard probe for larger portions and the mini probes for smaller cuts, providing you with versatility in how you cook.
  • Control Multiple Devices with One App: You can control up to 3 ProTemp Plus devices with a single app, allowing you to monitor up to 9 probes.
  • Dual Display Mode: Standalone temperature display in the charging stand and a mobile app to monitor the temperature where you are.
  • Built-in Large Rechargeable Batteries: Ensuring uninterrupted cloud connectivity during your cooking sessions, you never have to worry about losing connection.
  • All-Weather Companion: The Stand boasts an IP55 water-resistance rating, ensuring reliability in outdoor conditions, unlike competitors limited to indoor use only.
  • High Temp Resistance: Zirconia metal coated provides increased durability, excellent thermal insulation and resistance
  • Greater Precision: Industry’s first wireless meat thermometer with both a thermocouple and a digital sensor for great precision.
  • Faster Reading: Adopting the world leading sensor and patented tech owned by Chefstemp, ProTemp Plus could get temp reading within 4 seconds instead of 15-20 seconds like others.
  • Estimate Cook Time & Visualize Cooking in Real Time: You can check the temp, remaining cook time, and the temp chart in real time.
  • Receive Alerts from Anywhere: Get notified anywhere your mobile has an internet connection.

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