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Hellrazr Yama Incinerator


The Hellrazr Yama Incinerator can be used to start your charcoal and or even as a portable grill. Built to withstand a lifetime of use and misuse. Made in Canada.

Chimney Starter & Portable Grill

  • ¼ inch thick precision laser cut
  • carbon steel grills
  • Constructed from 11 gauge thick
  • laser cut structural plate steel
  • Holds up to 10 lbs of charcoal
  • Can be used as a charcoal chimney
  • lighter & portable camp stove
  • and barbecue grill!
  • Lights fast, burns hot
  • Lifetime warranty against
  • manufacturers defects
  • Ceramic, silicon based paint
  • resistant up to 1200°F!!
  • Extreme construction, built and designed
  • for a lifetime of hard use.

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