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Pit Boss Pizza Stone – 15″


With the Pit Boss 15″ Ceramic Pizza Stone, you can have pizza night like a Boss. This stone is made of durable ceramic and is intended to provide the ideal cooking surface for all of your baking requirements. Any grill, oven, or microwave may be used with the Pit Boss Pizza Stone. It’s ideal for making handmade or prepared pizza, as well as crispy french fries, fresh cookies, and round crunchy quesadillas for the whole family – all at the same time. You can say goodbye to heating hotspots since the ceramic material transmits and distributes heat evenly. Every time, get a completely baked and delightfully crispy crust without risk of burning.

Easy-to-lift handles come standard on the Pit Boss 15″ Ceramic Pizza Stone. With ease, you can transport the stone from the heated surface to your dining table. Hand-washing is the only way to clean this item. The nonstick coating develops organically with usage, so there’s no need to season it.

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