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Spiceology Black Magic Cajun Rub


It’s time to get out the cast iron, summon the spirit of Cajun cuisine, and get this party underway! Black Magic is our take on a Cajun blackening spice, with a little cayenne heat, a lot of spicy-sweet paprika perfection, and a frisky garlic-herb mix that kisses you on the lips. This enticing cajun seasoning is also perfect when rubbed directly onto some meat or seafood, and it works wonders in a smoker (we smoked a whole turkey for Thanksgiving – it was spellbinding deliciousness).

Sprinkle it on scallops, fry in a hot skillet with butter, add in some sherry in the last few seconds, and LOOK OUT for an enchanting twist. It’s downright devilishly sweet. Black Magic produces a deeply flavoured, crispy crust that seals in the moisture of your fish, chicken, steak, or other fleshy delights when used for traditional blackening. Get Black Magic today to reawaken your wild side! Try it on beef, bbq sauce, mac n’ cheese, nuts, chicken, seafood, turkey, pork, hollandaise, butter.

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