Spiceology Maui Wowee Hawaiian Teriyaki Rub


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This savoury and sweet Hawaiian treat will make you say aloha. Maui Wowee has returned, boy! Any dish gets a serious Pacific Rim kick from this amplified teriyaki rub. This is one of Spiceology’s finest blends yet, made with real pineapple, brown sugar, tamari soy granules, black sesame seeds, Asian spices, and chiles. Grilling, cooking, roasting, and stir-frying are also possibilities. Maui Wowee goes well with chicken, pork, fish, beef, and onions, or it can just be sprinkled on steamed white rice.

This rub is great on all types of protein, including chicken, salmon, pork, stir fry, tofu, shrimp, bacon and steak. You can also add it to ramen or mix into sauces.


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