You Need a BBQ Concierge Warranty Service – 12 months



If you have a warranty claim within the first 12 months from the day you bought your BBQ supplied by You Need a BBQ, bring your BBQ back to You Need a BBQ and we will handle the claim on your behalf. This includes any manufacturer defects and faulty parts but does not cover incidental, consequential or cosmetic damages.

You Need a BBQ reserves the right to choose whether to repair, refurbish or replace your grill at our sole discretion. Please allow up to 2 weeks for service, pending parts availability.


What BBQ does this apply to?

This warranty upgrade is for Pit Boss, Louisiana Grills and Country Smoker BBQs that are sold by You Need a BBQ. This cannot be purchased for BBQs that are purchased from another vendor.


You Need a BBQ Warranty Concierge

Give yourself piece of mind when you buy a grill from You Need a BBQ. If you purchase this service and have a warranty issue within the first year of owning your grill, You Need a BBQ qualified technicians will handle the claim on your behalf. This includes the replacement or repair of all steel parts, wood parts, ceramic parts, electrical components. This service is in ADDITION to the warranty offered by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).


Why would I use you if I can do the warranty myself?

You can absolutely handle the warranty yourself! The OEM will provide you with the parts for your BBQ and you will be required to install them yourself. Parts installation can require specialized tools and can often include working on your hands and knees to get in and around the areas where the parts need to be installed. If you have no space to do this type of work or have limited mobility, we strongly recommend that you purchase this piece of mind warranty that will have us complete the work or replace the parts for you. Shipping parts from the OEM can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. You Need a BBQ stocks many parts in our store and we may be able to provide a fix for your BBQ and get you back to grilling much faster than waiting on the normal warranty routes.


What is not covered?

Any issue that happens after 1 year from the day you purchase your warranty upgrade is not covered by You Need a BBQ. We also do not cover anything that is not covered by the manufacturer warranty. For example, we do not cover any damage caused by lack of maintenance, hostile environment, accidents, alterations, abuse or neglect. We also do not cover Rust or oxidization of metal unless there is loss of structural integrity of the grill component.


Can I purchase this plan after I buy the grill?

No, this plan must be purchased at the time of initial sale.

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