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Have you purchased a grill from us? 


Introducing the You Need A BBQ Grill Master Gold Card.  Receive 10% OFF BBQ Fuel for life with the purchase of a Grill from our store.  That’s 10% off pellets, charcoal, and wood chunks FOR LIFE when you show your Grill Master Gold Card at checkout.

Have you purchased a grill from us in the past?  GREAT!!  You are also eligible for the You Need a BBQ Grill Master Gold Card.  Just bring in a proof of purchase from when you bought your grill from us and the card is yours!

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  • “BBQ Fuel” refers to Wood Pellets, Wood Chunks and Charcoal.
  • “For Life” applies for as long as you have the card and You Need a BBQ is in business!
  • The You Need A BBQ Grill Master Gold Card 10% off BBQ fuel promotion is not able to be combined with any other sale or promotion.
  • If you have previously purchased a grill from us, a proof of purchase is required to receive the You Need a BBQ Grill Master Gold Card. Previously purchased grills need to pickup their card by June 15th 2022.
  • Only one card per grill purchase.  If you have bought two or more grills from us, you are eligible for one card for each purchase.
  •  Your Name and email is required to be stored in our system to verify membership into the program.  Proof of identity may be required.
  • While it is our intent to have this offer apply to all BBQ Fuel we sell, You Need a BBQ retains the right to remove this offer on any particular product if the manufacturer of said product requires it.
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