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What is the BBQ 4 good campaign?

You Need a BBQ is very excited to launch our own line of custom sauces and seasonings to mark our inaugural year as Edmonton and Area’s newest BBQ specialty store. To be able to launch during a pandemic makes us feel very fortunate and because of that we want to give back to the community around us. The BBQ 4 Good campaign gives a portion of the proceeds of sale on every bottle of our custom sauces and seasonings to local charities.


What Sauces and Seasonings Qualify for the campaign?


Smoked Hickory BBQ Sauce


Grannie's Gold Mustard Sauce


Chicken & Ribs Sauce


Honey Hickory Chipotle Sauce


Chicken & Ribs Rub


All Purpose BBQ Seasoning


How do we pick the charities we support?

The money we raise in this campaign will be donated primarily to local Edmonton and Area charities. If you would like to make a recommendation for our next donation please email it to and we will take a look.

Made Local Support Local

All of our custom sauces and seasonings are made locally, so we felt it was very important to find a way to support local even more. We hope you love these award winning sauces and seasonings as much as we do and look forward to them finding a home in your pantry as well as within the community through this campaign.

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