Ambiance Fiero Smokeless Fire Pit


Ambiance® Fiero® Smokeless Fire Pit is the ultimate outdoor companion. Your all-in-one smokeless fire pit is packed with amazing features and accessories to meet all of your lifestyle needs. Our 21″, dual walled construction pulls air from the bottom and up through the vent holes that aid in a secondary burn. This process allows the smoke to mix with the additional oxygen allowing significantly LESS SMOKE. Made from 304 stainless steel, this portable and durable fire pit is the perfect ingredient for gathering at home or amping up your outdoor adventures and recipes. With its included adjustable grill and post, you can let your inner chef skills come to light. Cook or warm up to the heat of either firewood or pellets. Protect it with the included fabric cover. You can also supplement your fire pit with the optional stainless steel lid or spark screen. Enjoy the outdoor Ambiance®!

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