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Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Zesty Lime


This tangy profile is perfect for:

Fish, Shrimp and Pork Taco Seasoning

Chip Dips

Curries and Soups


Seasoned Rice

Tortilla Chips

Fajitas and Stir Fry

This new favorite, Bearded Butcher Blend Zesty Lime Seasoning is tangy and flavorful, making your mouth water and your lips pucker!

We are The Bearded Butchers, and we take pride in providing only the highest quality ingredients. We’ve meticulously crafted all our spices to meet or exceed industry standards. Our quality control process ensures consistent products. Bearded Butcher Blend Zesty Lime is free of anti-caking agents with no MSG. It is guaranteed to be gluten free. This blend also has no pepper of any kind – black, red, chili or other.

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