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Big Poppa Smoker’s Double Secret Steak Rub


Big Poppa’s Double Secret Steak Rub is a restaurant-style seasoning for your steak. BJ’s Brewhouse & Restaurants has adopted this rub as its unique steak seasoning, and customers are raving about it! Because it’s so enticing, many people who sample it go out and buy their own Double Secret Steak Rub.Big Poppa’s Double Secret Steak Rub is the missing component in your steak. This BBQ rub has been particularly created to bring out the greatest tastes in any cut of steak (tri-tip, ribeye, fillet mignon, etc.) as well as just about any beef. It’s also delicious on baked potatoes and other side dishes. The large course sea salt is the key to this spice blend’s success. The combination of spices and high-quality sea salt enhances the inherent flavour of beef, resulting in an irresistibly tasty piece of meat.Barbecue pro’s and backyard BBQ enthusiast can’t get enough of this secret rub. Double Secret Rub fanatics have even started using this rub in the kitchen as an all-purpose seasoning. Not convinced? BJ’s Brewhouse & Restaurants, a national restaurant chain, has picked Big Poppa’s Double Secret Steak rub as their exclusive steak seasoning.  14oz.Featured In RecipesHow to Prepare Brisket and then ReheatRead MoreHow to cook a Wagyu or Kobe Steak without over doing itRead MoreYou Need a Steak RecipeRead More

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