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Big Poppa Smoker’s Happy Ending Finishing Rub


Use Happy Ending Finishing Dust to give your meats a significant flavour boost at the conclusion of the cook. No more cooking time is required. This final rub can be used as a hidden weapon.A happy ending is important for any successful BBQ recipe. This is when our Happy Ending finishing powder comes in handy. After your sliced meat has come out of the smoker, give it a shake of Happy Ending. Happy Ending is a spice mixture with salt and pepper that wakes up your meat towards the conclusion of the cooking process. Many elite BBQ chefs believe Happy Ending Rub to be a hidden weapon, and it’s more like a dust than a true BBQ rub. Beef, pig, and chicken go well with this finishing dust. For an added boost of flavour, gently sprinkle Happy Ending over your rested, sliced, pulled, or chopped meat. Shaker, 13 oz.Featured In RecipesDinosaur Bones (aka Monster Beef Ribs)Read MoreCompetition ChickenRead MoreHow to cook a Wagyu or Kobe Steak without over doing itRead MoreBraided Pork TenderloinRead MoreChicken Drumsticks are for Adults Too!Read MoreSweet and Spicy Smoked NutsRead MoreYou Need a Steak RecipeRead MoreYou Need a Brisket RecipeRead MoreYou Need a Pulled Pork RecipeRead More

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