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Big Poppa Smoker’s Little Louie’s Seasoned Garlic Salt


A delicious combination of salt, pepper, and garlic that enhances the flavour of any dish. Consider this all-purpose spice a step up from regular garlic salt.

Everything tastes better with Little Louie’s Garlic Seasoned Salt with Pepper. Little Louie’s garlic salt is a step above from regular garlic salt. This product was created by Big Poppa with the original brisket recipe in mind. Garlic, salt, and pepper, to name a few! It’s a terrific all-purpose seasoning and one of the greatest base rubs on the market. With its simple tastes, Little Louie’s Garlic Salt w/Pepper brings chicken, pork, beef, soups, and vegetables to life.

Little Louie’s Seasoned Garlic Salt is a tasty mixture of all your favourite seasonings, including salt, pepper, and garlic. This spice enhances the flavour of any dish when used together. Because of the diverse taste, BBQ pros, backyard grillers, and chefs have ditched their garlic salt in favour of Little Louie’s Seasoning.

You’ll want two bottles of this one – one to keep next to the grill and one to keep next to the stove.

14.5 oz shaker


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