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Big Poppa Smoker’s Money BBQ Rub


This all-purpose rub is well-balanced and flavorful with a subtle touch of sweetness, and it’s exactly what you’ve been seeking for to increase the flavour in your BBQ. This BBQ rub is a competition favourite for a reason.When you season your favourite BBQ meats using Money BBQ Rub, expect a barrage of praise. For its robust and diverse taste profile, Money Rub is extensively used on the competitive BBQ circuit, in the backyard, and in the kitchens of many.Money rub is a well-balanced mixture of savoury spices with a tiny sense of sweetness that goes nicely with pork, beef, poultry, fish, and even vegetables! The huge salt rocks are the key to the delicious taste. The salt pebbles dissolve into the meats, leaving a delicious aftertaste. Money BBQ rub not only provides a lot of taste to meats, but it also gives them a lot of colour. This is the all-purpose BBQ rub that chefs from all over the world use to enhance the flavour of their dishes. Poppa’s Tip: For the greatest results, let your meat “sweat” / rest for around 5-10 minutes before cooking.14oz ShakerFeatured In RecipesSmoked Bone in Pork BellyRead MoreBackyard RibsRead MoreCompetition RibsRead MoreHot and Fast RibsRead MoreI Don’t Own a Smoker RibsRead MoreBackyard ChickenRead MoreClassic Pulled PorkRead MoreHanging Ribs (recipe)Read MoreYou Need a Pulled Pork RecipeRead More

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