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Furtado Farms 6kg Oak Chunks –


All of our cookwood chunks are hand picked, chopped, and wrapped with care to ensure that only the best quality product is sent out in each bag. The chunk wood is all naturally seasoned in the timber yard. We strive for a slightly higher moisture content than our cookwood logs. This produces more smoke and flavour, making them an ideal addition to any charcoal or ceramic grill.Each piece of wood at Furtado Farms is lovingly divided, sized, and packaged by hand… a true wood craft experience.Each piece of cookwood is lovingly touched by our experienced, not-so-gentle hands.We have to take our wood seasoning seriously because we are consistently checked and inspected, and we have an outstanding track record when it comes to quality and superior product production, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun while we’re at it.

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