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GrillGrate The Grate Griddle – 18.5in


With GrateGriddles, you can now cook almost everything on your barbecue. It’s perfect for searing steaks and fish, and it’s also great for grilling vegetables. Have you ever cooked breakfast on your grill? Bacon and eggs are a delicious combination. GrateGriddle even fits well in the oven!All GrateGriddles are9.375″ wide and 1/4″ thickand are made from hard anodized aluminumInterlocking sides allows seamless integration with Standard Sized GrillGrates. Griddles can not be custom sized.Lay on top of your GrillGrates or interlock to go beside themGrateGriddle is more conductive and radiates heat better than a stone or baking steelThe GrateGriddle doubles as a defroster plate

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