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Grillight Premium Nonstick Grill Mats


Includes 2 MatsHIGHEST TEMP GRILLMAT on the market –  over 600 degrees FGreat for all kinds of food including fish, veggies, chicken, beef, even breakfast foods like eggs and pancakesWorks on charcoal and gas grills100% nonstick grilling and easy cleanupFood still gets grill marksStops food from falling through the cracks… no more flare ups!Works great on all kinds of grills including charcoal, propane, pellet, and wood fired.The GrillMat is a BPA free, heat resistant fabric made of PTFE fiber.  Just like a nonstick skillet but designed to be flexible and operate over open flame.Note:  the mats areheat safe to 600F so they should notcontactopen flame but can be used over open flame or hot coals.

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