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Kosmos Q Turkey Soak & Brine


Turkey Brine consistently produces AMAZING TURKEY. Our Turkey Brine will revolutionise everything you thought you knew about moist turkey. Every poultry split will benefit from the addition of moisture and flavour!Use this and you will achieve exceptional results with any poultry. This is a Turkey Brine that blends in seconds and will not let you down when it comes to adding moisture and spice to your turkey. Use it to make smoked turkey, oven-roasted turkey, frying turkey, and every other kind of turkey you might think of.Enough for two 20lb turkeys, adds plenty of moisture and flavour, and is ideal for use at home or in the backyard.Bags that can be resealedMixes in a matter of secondsNo heating needed for a guaranteed perfect turkeyFeatured In RecipesSpatchcocked Thanksgiving TurkeyRead More

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