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Louisiana Grills Black Label 300 Portable Wood Pellet Grill –


You can take your next five-star culinary experience anywhere with the Louisiana Grills Black Label 300. Enhance the elegance of grilling with top-of-the-line items crafted with the passion and accuracy of the world’s greatest modern outdoor chefs. By attaining maximum airflow and higher grill temperatures at quicker speeds than ever before, you can say goodbye to predictable cooking. The Black Label Series gives you complete control over premium outdoor cooking with a smart, griller-focused experience.The Louisiana Grills Black Label 300 combines exceptional culinary flexibility with portability, allowing you to expertly prepare exquisite meals no matter where you are. The Black Label Series boasts a best-in-class rear exhaust output that uniformly distributes heat and smoke throughout the cooking chamber for a faultless finish every time, thanks to Louisiana Grills® revolutionary Pressurized Cooking System™.With a slew of innovative accompaniments, the LG300BL delivers incredible versatility in a portable design. Between 333 square inches of cooking space, a 180° to 500°F temperature range and a 10-pound pellet hopper, the Black Label 300 is in a league of its own. It also comes equipped with a fully programmable meat probe, a built-in smoke rack, one-touch auto-start grill ignition and the Louisiana Grills® best-in-class 5-year warranty.Louisiana Grills® Black Label 300 Grill Features:333 square inches of cooking surfaceDigital control with WiFi and Bluetooth capability180° to 500°F temperature rangePorcelain-coated steel cooking gratesGrill cover includedFueled by 100% hardwood pellets10-pound hopperHeavy-duty steel constructionHigh-temperature black sand powder coat finishBlack stainless-steel handles

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