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MEATER Plus With Bluetooth Repeater –


The MEATER smart meat thermometer is the world’s first completely wireless smart meat thermometer. It will let you cook the juiciest steak, chicken, turkey, fish, or other meats correctly every time for any occasion when used in conjunction with the MEATER app.With the MEATER Plus you get up to 50m wireless range giving you a large amount of flexibility for cooking you have with your barbecue, smoker, or in the kitchen.FeaturesThe charger’s built-in Bluetooth repeater improves the wireless range up to 50 metres.Wireless: There are no wires. There’s no hassle. The first smart meat thermometer that is truly wireless.Dual temperature sensors can measure interior meat temperature as well as the ambient temperature.Guided Cooking System: This system guides you through each stage of the cooking process to ensure flawless and consistent outcomes.Advanced Estimator Algorithm: Helps you plan your dinner and manage your time by estimating how long it will take to cook and rest your food.Connectivity Suite: Use Bluetooth to keep an eye on your cook from your phone or tablet. MEATER Link WiFi and the MEATER Cloud can help you extend your wifi range.

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