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Motley Que Steak Fixx


Crank up the grill and let the flames lick the sky – it’s time to rock out with Motley Que’s Steak Fixx, the ultimate encore for steak lovers who live on the edge of flavour. This isn’t just seasoning; it’s a front-row ticket to a taste explosion that’ll make your steak the star of the show.

With Motley Que’s Steak Fixx, every bite is a headliner, infused with audacious aromatics and the bold twist of activated charcoal. This isn’t your average steak; it’s a masterpiece painted with the brush of culinary rebellion, turning your plate into a canvas of epic taste and striking presentation.

So, for those who worship at the altar of beef and crave a steak that’s as visually stunning as it is mouthwateringly delicious, join the Motley Que. Unleash Steak Fixx on your next cut and watch as it transforms from mere meat to a legend on your grill. Let’s make this BBQ where your steak is the main act, and every meal is an encore.

Rock on with Steak Fixx, only from Motley Que.

Ingredients Coarse Black pepper, Kosher Salt,Garlic, Mustard Seed, Parsley, Dill, Coridaner, Activated Charcoal 

Ingrédients Poivre noir grossier, sel casher, ail, graines de moutarde, persil, aneth, coridaner, charbon actif

Available in: 16oz shaker  


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