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Napoleon Cast Iron Muffin Cooker


Napoleon’s cast iron muffin cooker is specially designed to fit inside our 6Qt/6L cast iron dutch oven but will work just as well directly on your napoleon cooking grids. Enameled cast iron provides an easy-to-maintain, nonstick surface. The easy carry handle makes moving the cast iron muffin cooker to and from the barbecue simple, just remember to use heat-resistant gloves for safety. Cast iron provides even heat distribution and retention which makes cooking popovers, Yorkshire puddings, muffins, cornbread, brownies, and biscuits even more delicious. Clever, multifunctional, and easy to maintain, every kitchen benefits from the addition of a Napoleon barbecue accessory.Fits in Napoleon’s 6Qt/6L) Dutch OvenEnameled surface provides a non-stick finish6 compartments to perfectly cook muffins, brownies, biscuits, and moreEasy carry handlePremium heat retention and distribution for even cooking

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