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Pit Boss 14in Cast Iron Dutch Oven –


The Pit Boss 14″ Cast Iron Dutch Oven brings the comforts of home to the campfire. Meals like lasagna, cobbler, or cornbread are a breeze to prepare with the durable, 100% cast iron material. You can bake, braise, stew, and cook in a single pot.The Pit Boss Dutch Oven is made for the outdoors, with features such as three built-in legs to support the oven over hot coals, a stainless-steel bail handle for hanging over a campfire tripod, and a built-in notch for inserting a thermometer without ever having to remove the lid. Furthermore, the tight-fitting lid can be used as a side griddle, it works to seal in heat and moisture, it has a flat surface for stacking additional ovens, and it has a rim around the edge to keep stacked coals from spilling onto your meal while lifting.The pre-seasoned Pit Boss Cast Iron Dutch Oven is ready to use right out of the box. The Dutch oven holds 8 quarts, has a 14-inch diameter, can comfortably accommodate recipes for 16 or more people, and has built-in side handles for easy tra

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