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Pit Boss Flexible LED Grill Light –


Grill anywhere, anytime with the Pit Boss Clamping BBQ Grill LED Light. Perfect for the night time griller, this LED provides super bright, glare-free lighting. It works great outdoors or indoors. Simply clamp it on your grill, smoker, or any surface you need light. Camping, tailgating, or grilling overnight the Pit Boss Clamping BBQ Grill LED Light caters to all your dark or dimly lit needs. The Pit Boss Clamping BBQ Grill LED Light features a flexible 12″ neck with a large non-slip clamp, along with a portable, battery operated design.Clamping BBQ Grill LED LightPerfect for grilling, smoking, and BBQFlexible 12″ neckLarge non-slip clampEnergy efficient LEDPortable designBattery operatedGreat gift for the nighttime grillerUse for camping, tailgating, or grilling overnight

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