Yoder 24″ x 36″ Flat Top Competition Cart Charcoal Grill


This is the ultimate charcoal grill. With bolder looks and improved portability, the competition model takes our charcoal grill to the next level. Like the standard model, the large 24×36” cooking area is ideal for both larger grilling events or quiet afternoons in the backyard with 864 square inches of cooking surface on hand. The five-position adjustable charcoal tray makes controlling the heat easy, and the large charcoal grate allows for indirect cooking on one side while giving you enough room on the other half of the grill for direct heat to finish burgers, steaks, brats, and dogs… all with plenty of room for veggies and sides. With heavy-duty stainless steel hinges the grill lid is easy to open and close, and the custom stainless steel front shelf gives you all of the space you need for condiments, tools, and prep. Finally, the competition cart features tie-downs for getting to your destination and 8” pneumatic tires which make moving and positioning this grill a breeze.CAPACITY (approx)Whole Chickens: 10Spare Ribs (lying flat): 18Pork Shoulder: 30kgBurgers: 50

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