Best Places in Edmonton and Area to Buy Gluten Free Products

Gluten free products are getting easier and easier to find these days with many specialty shops having gluten free sections and grocery stores offering more and more gluten free in their natural food’s aisles.  Finding people who understand the gluten free diet is something special and worth celebrating.  In and around Edmonton there are several shops that are owned, managed, or employing knowledgeable gluten free experts.  Here is a list of our favorites and some of the types of items you can buy at each one. There are lots of restaurants and shops that offer some gluten free products, here we wanted to list the best ones for carry out gluten free pantry staples. If you know of one not listed here please let us know so we can add them!


You Need a BBQ

One of our owners was diagnosed celiac 3 years ago and since embarking on that journey we have worked very hard to source amazing gluten free products.  We now have lots of different baking products in store that are exclusively gluten free as well as hundreds of barbecue sauces and seasonings that are also gluten free.  We intend to continue to expand our offerings but right now here is a listing of the Gluten Free Products we carry:

Vanilla Cake Mix, Devils Chocolate Cake Mix, Pizza Dough, Pie Crust, Cookie Mix, Bread Flour, Xantham Gum.  I am not going to list all the seasonings and sauces because there is well over 100 varieties, but I will point out that all our in-house sauces and seasonings are exclusively gluten free.


Ben’s Meats

Ben’s meats are an amazing butchers shop located in west Edmonton.  They have an owner who was diagnosed celiac, so they know what they are talking about.  The offer a range of gluten free products as well as Café items that can be ordered in the store like Pizza, fries and more in a gluten free fryer.  My favorite thing to get from there is their frozen gluten free pizzas and frozen gluten free spring rolls.


Kinnikinnick Fresh and Foods

We love Kinnikinnick, they were one of the first gluten free bakeries in Edmonton if not the whole world.  They make their own proprietary blends of gluten free flour.  You can go here to get your hands-on gluten free pasta, breads, muffins, cookies, desserts, and pantry items. Founded in 1991 they targeted Gluten Free in the right way at a time before it was prevalent like it is today. You can buy their products at stores across Canada, but if you have a chance to go directly to the bakery, they also have a nice little retail shop setup at the front of the store.


Celebrate Gluten Free

The owner of Celebrate Gluten Free has been celiac for over 20 years.  They have been selling amazing Gluten Free baked goods in Edmonton since 2011 and recently opened a store/bakery/café to serve Edmonton’s celiac community.  Their pastrys are so good that many non celiacs also love going here for their baked goods.  Gluten free is not a swear word when you are eating food this good. Make sure to try the take and bake cinnamon buns.


Food in the Nud

Focusing mainly on being a Gluten Free Bakery, Food in the Nud is run by a family who has embraced gluten free eating for nearly a decade.  Christa and Bryan focus their efforts on making small batch food from real ingredients. They do have some pantry staples available in store that are all gluten free as well with everything from Gluten Free broths to Kale chips, coconut bacon cacao butter and more.  When you are there make sure to try the Cheezy bisuits or the Rosemary Yam Flatbread.


Totally Gluten Free

Full disclosure, these guys are located in Lacombe so it’s about an hour south of the city, but they will deliver orders over 75 bucks to your door, so they are making the list.  I do recommend making the trip down there though because it’s quite amazing the options they have in store! This place has 3 entire freezers dedicated to freezer safe gluten free meals.  They are known across central Alberta as having the best gluten free pizzas around. If you want to try a good hamburger bun check out their toasted honey oat buns.

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