Camp Chef & You Need a BBQ

We are always looking for innovative modular cooking systems that will help you have world class bbq at home.  With camp chef, you have the opportunity to have hearty world class bbq meals anywhere!  When we were looking to pickup a new barbecue line in our store, we were blown away by the versatility of the camp chef cooking systems. With everything from cast iron to pizza ovens to grills, skillets, pellet grills and more, they really do have something for everyone.


Griddles that fit the grills

I have spent the last 4 years RVing with my family and in that time I can’t count the number of times we have made pancakes on a small pan on our RV sized stove.  Now with a 32” grilling surface on the camp chef 2 burner models we brought in, I can make all the pancakes in 1 fell swoop.  No more batches and everyone eating one at a time.  The versatility of the griddles isn’t just limited to frying eggs and doing pancakes, now you can whip up some smash burgers and bacon for dinner too!  I especially like that if you flip over the griddle to the other side, it is a cast iron grill with ribs for grill marks and focused heat as well.


Pizza Oven Attachments and Stand alone accessories

Camp chef offers a stand alone pizza oven that is propane powered or you can get the grill topper that is powered by the Pro 60 grill.  The stand alone attachment uses the heat from the grill to fill the ceramic pizza stone with heat and the wrap around double insulated ceiling to create the ultimate pizza cooking environment. They say the best pizzas are cooked hot and fast to create a crispy under carriage and gooey melty browned cheese and toppings at the same time, this oven does all of that.  Because it can get so hot it can also be used to sear steaks for the ultimate sizzle and crust.  It cooks just like a traditional brick oven, but you can use it on your deck or your campsite just the same.


Cast Iron for All Occasions

If you buy the right cast iron and treat it well, it can last for generations.  Cast iron is great because it requires very little maintenance, is a naturally non stick surface when seasoned properly and has great heat retention for cooking pizza, searing steaks or just using for everyday frying.  The weight and durability of cast iron makes it darn near indestructible whether it be cooking on a camp chef or thrown straight onto the camp fire.  We are stocking a variety of deep dish pizza skillets, dutch ovens, regular skillets, griddles, grills and more.

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