Choose Your Fuel Wisely

When selecting the right fuel for your barbecue you really want to make sure you are selecting the one that is right for the type of meat you have as well as your grill.

At You Need a BBQ we stock 5 different types of fuel, so while there are lots of great options that we do not stock (yet!) I wanted to let you know when and where to use the ones that we have in store in Sherwood Park.


Wood Pellets

We stock many flavours of wood pellets in store.  These can be used to create smoking pouches on propane grills, season charcoal by adding pellets to your cook and most importantly used to power your pellet cooker.  Lots of grill brand will tell you that you can only use their brand of pellet in their grill, we do not believe this to be true.  If you have a favorite pellet brand then go ahead and use it, but we stock Pit Boss, Louisiana Grills, Crown Royal and Lumberjack brand Pellets here.

Below are our most popular items.


Competition Blend

This is by far our number one seller and the pellets we use for our competition team.  The blend includes an aromatic mix of Cherry, Hickory and Apple hardwood.  We love it because it is so versatile.  It is suited for cooking any type of meat and contains no additives like artificial flavour, oils, or binders.

Charcoal Blend

Charcoal pellets were introduced by Pit Boss in 2019 and were an instant success.  I first used charcoal pellets from a company called Lumberjack pellets and I like to think that I gave Pit Boss the idea to start making them since I used them in competition starting in 2018.  This blend of pellets contains Oak and charcoal at a blend of around 85% oak and 15% Charcoal (this is not the specific measurements, but what I learned from talking with people “in the know”.  This blend of pellets is powerful, so it should be used on big bold meats like Beef, Pork, or game meats.

Apple Pellets

When I hear about Applewood, the first thing that comes to mind is Applewood smoked bacon or Applewood smoked Turkey.  These pellets are mild compared to the ones already mentioned and provide a bit of sweetness to any meat (or vegetable).  Best used with Pork, Poultry, and vegetables this pellet style is sure to be a hit with the softer meats.

Hickory Pellets

Hickory pellets are surprisingly versatile given their strong flavour that they add to meats.  It will not overpower your chicken, but also tastes great with Beef or maybe even Beef Jerky. I personally like how hickory pellets seem to accentuate the flavours of the meat with a nice balance of smoke and natural flavours, not quite as overpowering as the charcoal but will knock your taste buds over if done right.


Hardwood Lump Charcoal

New in store due to popular demand, we brought in Lump Charcoal from Louisiana Grills.  This 100% premium natural hardwood charcoal burns hot and long.  Louisiana Grills does not add any chemicals, fillers, or additives to their charcoal, so you get a clean hot burn the whole way through with surprisingly little ash to clean up at the end.  This charcoal is great for running a Kamado style cooker, smaller charcoal grills like PK grills or Weber Smoky Mountains (Bullets).  Great for cooking low and slow if you know how to tend a charcoal fire or apply indirect heat but also versatile enough to be able to sear a steak super hot with a set of grill grates to manage flare ups.

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