Edmonton’s Best Pizza is in Your Own Backyard!

Wood Fired pizza has been all the rage since man invented fire or dough…There are more pizza places in my town than you can shake a stick at, so why is it that the best pizzas in town come off of my barbecue?  The answer is not simple, it comes from the love and craftsmanship that goes into my crusts and sauces and toppings.  It comes from the fact I can eat it straight off of the fire and not wait for it to be delivered in a tinfoil bag.  The magic of home-made wood fired pizza will change your life.


Edmonton’s only Pizza Focused BBQ Section!

At You Need a BBQ we want to be the go-to place to make the best back yard pizza in the world.  World class BBQ is our goal, and we want to teach everyone around us how to make better barbecue, so let’s do it with pizza is what we were thinking.  So, we did it, we ordered high end pizza tools including pizza peels, pizza cutters, pizza stones, pizza cast irons, pizza carts, pizza ovens and more.  We also have exclusive access to some of the worlds best crust mixes including deep dish, outdoor style, Neapolitan style, and gluten free pizza crust mixes.


Pizza Class!!!

Keep your eyes on www.youneedabbq.com/classes for our upcoming series on how to make an amazing pizza in your own back yard.  We will cover how to make a pizza in a pizza oven or on a charcoal grill or even on a pellet grill using a pizza stone.  All these methods can produce world class pizza without ordering in.


Here are our 5 tips for making world class pizza at home:

  1. Use room temperature dough, this will allow the dough to cook evenly throughout.
  2. Keep your grill clean, any little bits of gristle or char left on the grates of your cooker or on your pizza stone can be terrible to bite into if they stick to the crust of your pizza.
  3. Do not overload your toppings, make sure to leave space around the edge for a nice crust and don’t overload the center because it can create uneven cooking or under cooked ingredients.
  4. Cook your vegetables in advance.  When you throw raw vegetables on a pizza, they release moisture while cooking, so if you precook them a little then you will get a nice stiffer and less soggy pie.
  5. Oil your dough lightly before hitting the grill with it.  The oil will help to crisp up the bottom of the crust as well as make sure it does not stick to the grill.  Do not overdo it though because you don’t want your grill to flare up with any oil dripping off.
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