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Fat is Flavor, 4 great BBQ Fats

At You Need a BBQ, we preach meat trimming.  Whenever you are prepping a piece of meat, you always need to trim the fat, take a little bit off the edges, round the corners or more.  In doing that, you do often reduce the amount of fat on a piece of meat, but don’t worry, on lots of BBQ meats, we replace it with new fat to help jack up the flavors.  Here we are going to give you a rundown of a few of our favorite fat products that can be sprayed, rubbed, or poured over your meat to give it that extra fat punch.

Duck Fat

By far our best-selling fat is Duck Fat.  Duck fat is incredibly versatile because it tastes great and has a very high smoke point.  Our best-selling duck fat is Cornhusker Kitchen Duck Fat Spray.  This unique can of duck fat is shelf stable at room temperature and sprays out with ease so there is no mess, and you can control how much duck fat is applied quite precisely.  This fat is best used as a binder for your rubs or applied directly to meat or your grills before searing.  I like it with Steak, Chicken, Turkey, Pork, or vegetables.

Flavored Grilling Oils

At You Need a BBQ, we stock 3 flavors of grilling oil.  This soy-based product is great because it is butter flavored but contains no actual animal products.  I like the versatility of the Butter Flavored Grilling Oil because it comes in Chipotle flavor and a mix of butter and chipotle flavor called Steak House Flavored Grilling Oil.  I like to use this oil as a binder for my rubs or apply directly to my meat or vegetable before grilling.

Beef Tallow

Beef Tallow is sold in buckets and is shelf stable until you open the container, and then you should refrigerate it.  The beef tallow that we sell at You Need a BBQ is Wagyu Beef Tallow, so that means it is fat from Wagyu Beef Cattle.  This fat has been rendered, so it is much cleaner and tastier than just regular beef fat.  This fat can be added to a skillet prior to frying, or it can be rubbed over your meat.  It’s not as simple to apply as oil or spray, but it does have a lot more flavor.

Powdered Fats

When I think of fat, I often think of oils, sprays, waxes, but I don’t usually think of powders.  We actually have a bunch of rubs in the shop that contain powdered butter, milk solids or other types of fat inside the rub.  This includes Boars Night Out White Lightning, Double Garlic Butter, Garlic Butter Rub from Heath Riles, Bacon Jalapeno Jallelujah from Big Poppa Smokers (this one actually contains rendered bacon fat!), Pit Boss Grills Carolina Rub has butter powder in it, Pit Boss Grills Bold Burger rub also has Butter powder in it, you know that Butter Toss from Spiceology has butter powder as the main ingredient.  So, the next time you want to add some fat to your mean and increase the flavors, don’t just go straight for the oils and sprays, consider a powdered fat in the mix as well.

Pit Boss Carolina
Spiceology Butter Toss
Pit Boss Bold Burger
BPS Bacon Jalapeno
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