Hellrazr!!! The Ultimate Rugged Charcoal Cooker

The best charcoal grills in the world are heavy, because heavy weight means durability and heat retention.  When it comes to both of those things the new Canadian Made HellRazr barbecues have it in spades.  Each HellRazr BBQ comes in a crate weighing over 100 lbs.  These suckers are built to last.  With a dedicated manufacturing facility in Quebec Canada, it’s a long haul to bring them out to Sherwood Park Alberta, so we ordered lots to help ease out the shipping costs. We are the only BBQ store in the Edmonton area who sells HellRazr BBQ’s as of the writing of this blog.


Hell Razr Yama

The Yama takes it’s name for the Hindu god of death.  An appropriate name for a Hell Razr BBQ that weighs nearly a hundred pounds.  The steel construction of the Hell Razr BBQ line makes it extremely durable.  Each Yama comes complete with 2 grills and 1 set of yakitori skewers plus one of their steel BBQ tools for raising and lowering the grates. The BBQ grates are designed to be set into one of 5 different preset height settings depending on how close you want your meat to the fire, or to allow you to have multiple racks of meat smoking away at any given time.


Yakitori Skewers

The Yakitori skewers are uniquely rectangle shaped to prevent meat from turning on the skewer as you rotate it over the charcoal fire. Each skewer locks into the set channels in the BBQ to keep them evenly spaced and prevents spinning as well.  This is a well thought out grill.


Hell Razr Plancha

La Plancha is a Spanish technique using high temperature searing with a little bit of smoke.  The Plancha is a stainless griddle that attaches to the Yama grill so that you can do smash burger, fry bacon, cook eggs, fry shrimp and more.  This unique little attachment has huge versatility when it comes to over the fire cooking. Sold separately from the Yama, this little attachment is a must have for serious grillers that want to get the most out of their Hellrazr.

Smoke Baffle

The Yama smoke baffle attachment is a heavy weight steel plate with a hole on one side.  This hole forces air to move through the Yama in a reverse flow pattern, creating the perfect environment for smoking meat.  As the air comes into the Yama, you just place the hole at the opposite side of the unit, then open the air flow at the top of the same side you have the bottom open on.  The air flow is forced to go all the way across the bottom coals, up and across the meat in order to escape.


I love the design of the Hellrazr Incinerator.  It is so much than just a charcoal starter.  In recent years there is a type of steak cooking that has become very popular called chimney cooking.  That is where you put your steak directly onto a charcoal starter with a grill resting on top.  IT gets extremely hot and is therefore a great place to develop a crust on a steak.  With the Incinerator by Hellrazr, it comes with an interlocking grate on the top that is perfect for searing small amounts of food (like steak!).  So not only is it a great heavy weight charcoal chimney starter, the fact that is works as a grill all on it’s own makes it perfect for someone who is wanting to learn to cook over charcoal but doesn’t want to invest in a whole BBQ all at once.

Where to buy and see what it’s all about

We stock all of the parts and accessories for the Hell Razr BBQ line in our showroom in Sherwood Park.  One of our BBQ experts will be happy to walk you through how they work if you come visit us in store.

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