The Shed

Introducing The Shed BBQ to our lineup of amazing imported BBQ seasonings!

Why The Shed?

The Shed BBQ is one of the top BBQ cook teams in the world having won the Memphis in May World Championships in 2018, Champions of the Kingsford Tour of Champions, Brisket Champions at the World Food Championships and more.  But that is not why we brought them in….

Back to the Beginning

We got knocked out of the World Bacon Championships in 13th place in 2015.  That gave us a few days off to tour around Orlando Florida and take in all the sights.  Luckily for us the World BBQ Championships was happening a few blocks away, so we decided to check it out. While walking around the BBQ grounds we ran into a couple of guys we had met a few nights before at dinner, Brad Orrison and Hobson Cherry from The Shed.  We did not know at the time we were having dinner with BBQ Royalty.


At the World Championships

BBQ Contests are not known for being the friendliest of places with teams protecting their secrets by closing trailer doors, hanging walls on their tents, and re-bottling their seasonings and sauces for fear of shigging (stealing secrets by watching).  We were blown away when the guys from The Shed invited us into their trailer and let us taste all their food.  They even let us drink their beer…. It was the ultimate tailgating experience without the football.

The Awards

Later that evening at the awards ceremonies we got to watch the guys from The Shed take 1st place brisket!  I looked at Ron and said, “holy cow, we ate that brisket this afternoon!”. What a special experience.


Making a real connection

Fast forward 3 years and Ron and I were back at the World BBQ Championships, this time in Alabama competing as Team Canada.  It was there that we took home 2nd place ribs.  We cooked Compart Duroc ribs which are the same ribs that Brad and the boys at The Shed Cook and Brad introduced me to the Patriarch of Compart, Jim Compart.  We got the watch The Shed plate their pork shoulder into the cavity of a suckling pig, it was the coolest BBQ presentation I have ever seen.  These guys do great BBQ but they are also wildly creative (I guess that’s what it takes to become a World Champion!)

Heading to The Shed in Mississippi

We made the Pilgrimage to The Shed in November 2018 and we were a little surprised to see that it literally is a shed.  The rustic nature of the BBQ is exactly what you should expect for one of the most popular BBQ destinations in the south… I think it deserves its own chapter in the book American Gods, but that’s a whole other story.  The food was great at the shed but it is the atmosphere that really blows you away, if you’re ever down on the gulf coast I highly recommend checking it out.


Bringing The Shed to Canada

We brought in 2 rubs from The Shed to start, their Pork Rub called Rack Attack.  Rack attack has that southern sweetness with a little bit of heat.  The guys from the Shed describe it as “junk free” and they mean it, the rub only has 6 ingredients and is Gluten Free.

The other rub we brought in is their Cluckin’ Awesome rub, made for poultry. They say it’s designed for anything with wings which is funny because one of the ingredients is beef stock!  It does contain soy but is also Gluten Free for you Celiac’s out there.



My friends from The Shed are some of the nicest, most talented, creative and best BBQers in the whole world, so when I had the chance to import some of their award-winning seasonings I jumped at the chance. So, while you may not be able to “Get Fed At The Shed” in the near future, now you can bring the Shed home to your own Shed and have it right here in Canada.

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