The 6 best seasonings in the new Pit Boss Grills Lineup

Pit Boss Grills recently revamped their seasoning lineup, and they released a line of 23 new seasonings.  While we loved some of their old seasonings like the Sweet Rib Rub and their brisket seasoning, this new lineup brings a lot of great flavors from across a wide range of regional diversity and flavor profiles.  When we decided to look at this new line of seasonings, we already had 169 flavors on our wall, so we just simply did not have room to bring in all the offerings, plus some of the seasoning mixes were too close in flavor to other seasonings that were already on the wall. Here are the 6 we opted to bring in, we chose them based on not only how good they are but also because they were unique compared to the blends that we already have.

Gluten Free

All these new seasoning blends that we are bringing in are gluten free and made in the USA, so you can consume these with confidence if you have dietary restrictions.

Texas BBQ Rub

With notes of brown sugar, paprika and hickory, this is what some people would call a sweet Texas dry rub.  This is not your traditional salt and pepper like you would find in Austin or Houston.  The sweet Texas dry rub comes out of East Texas, not central Texas where the famous Salt and Pepper rubs come out of.  With a major influence from the Deep south in Louisiana and Cajun cooking this sweet rub with a little bit of smoke is sure to bring a jump to your step.

Bold Burger Seasoning

The bold burger seasoning is the only rub we brough in that does not have a tie in to a specific region and the reason we brought it in despite that is because it should have been called Central Texas Butter seasoning. This rub is made up of a fine mesh black pepper, salt, and butter powder.  If you took away the butter powder, this would be the definition of a central Texas BBQ rub.  With the butter powder we think it’s even better, but to call it burger seasoning feel like we are missing a chance to put it on briskets, pork shoulders, tri tip, steak and so many other amazing big meats traditionally done in Texas BBQ.  I guess it will be up to our amazing team of sales reps to educate people on the ingredients and uses for so much more than burgers.

Memphis BBQ Rub

Memphis BBQ is famous for being dry rubbed and not applying sauce. Some of the best ribs I have had in my life were Memphis dry rubbed, so the moment I saw this as an option had to try it.  I was not left disappointed.  This dry rub features the flavors of Paprika, Brown sugar and Garlic. The rich brown color of the rub from the paprika and brown sugar makes your meat just pop with color and flavor.  The fine granules of the rub really penetrate the meat quickly and coat evenly, so those are both huge bonuses when using a rub like this. Do not let sauce come near this rub, just sprinkle it on, let it finish and enjoy.

Southwest BBQ Rub

Often referred to as “Tex Mex” flavor which stands for Texas Mexico flavor, this iconic combination of flavors comes from Jalapenos, Bell Peppers and Garlic.  This combination of flavor is most famous in west Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma and New Mexico along the USA and Mexico border. Known for it’s rich yellow almost gold color, this rub combination brings the heat of the jalapenos with the sweetness of the bell pepper to create an amazing combination of sweet heat with a little less sugar that some of the other sweet southern rubs.

Carolina BBQ Rub

I am not a huge fan of mustard, although I feel like with age it is growing on me more and more.  I always rub my big meats with mustard or mustard sauce, and I love mustard on pork products including honey mustard sauce on pork shoulder or ham or smokies, and I always rub my meat with mustard or mustard sauce before I cook.  This seasoning intrigued me.  Carolinas are famous for their mustard-based BBQ sauces, so this seasoning true to its name is a Mustard, Butter and Hickory seasoning.  I tried it for the first time on pork loin, seasoned with this and finished with Blues Hog Honey Mustard sauce, and wow, I might be converted.  The mustard and butter flavors worked together to accent the meat flavor without being overpowering, I highly recommend trying this if you are looking for a new combination of flavors.

Blackened Saskatchewan Seasoning

This is one of the new rubs that got held over from the previous offerings of Pit Boss Seasonings.  Often called a back country rub, this seasoning blend is very popular with wild game and steak. The base seasonings of black pepper, garlic and onion are some of the fundamental flavors for most cooking, it makes this rub extremely versatile and popular. This is not Cajun blackening seasoning, the main different being that this is not as spicy as the Cajun rub that goes by the same name. The trick when using this seasoning it to coat your food in oil and a coating of the blackening seasoning before throwing into a hot cast iron skillet or onto a hot grill to sear hot and fast.

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