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Napoleon Cast Iron Porcelain Enameled Reversible Griddle for Rogue® 425 –


Turn your grill into a breakfast station with the Reversible Griddle for the Rogue® 425 Series. Caramelize onions, cook bacon, produce perfect potatoes, and so much more! Get your sizzle on with this reversible griddle that can replace the cooking grids, or sit on top of them. The cast iron has a porcelain coating just like our cast iron cooking grids so it seasons up like your favorite cast iron frying pan. The huge 115/8 by 17¾“inch surface is great for making fried onions and mushrooms to accompany your main or create that delicious breakfast to enjoy al fresco.Replace barbecue grill cooking grids with the Cast Iron Reversible Griddle or place directly over cooking grids for the ideal flat surface for cooking on the barbecue grillThe cast iron construction features a porcelain coating is that easy to clean and provides a non-stick surfaceFits Napoleon Rogue® 425(-1), 525-1 & 625-1 gas barbecue grills by sitting on top of the cooking grids or replacing themThrough regular use and proper maintenance this griddle will season just like our cast iron cooking grids and your favorite frying pan for a long lasting, nonstick surfaceIntegrated holes direct grease away from food for easy, mess free, healthier cookingUse the flat side to grill a-la-plancha style, ideal for seafood, high heat searing and Mediterranean style cookingThe flat side of the cast iron reversible griddle is ideal for caramelizing onions and cooking breakfasts on the barbecue grillGet perfect sear marks with the raised side of the reversible cast iron griddle, you can also grill sandwiches panini-styleCompatable with the following models:R425NK-1R425PK-1R425SBNK-1-OBR425SBPK-1-OBRSE425RSIBNSS-1RSE425RSIBPSS-1RXT425NSS-1RXT425PSS-1RXT425SIBNK-1RXT425SIBNSS-1RXT425SIBPK-1RXT425SIBPSS-1R525PK-1RSE525RSIBNSS-1RSE525RSIBPSS-1RXT525SIBNK-1, RXT525SIBNSS-1RXT525SIBPK-1RXT525SIBPSS-1RSE625RSIBNSS-1RSE625RSIBPSS-1RXT625SIBNK-1RXT625SIBPK-1

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