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Pit Boss 14 x 28 inch Cast Iron Griddle –


The Pit Boss 28” pre-seasoned cast iron dual sided griddle is a fantastic addition to any outdoor kitchen. Built for the long haul, this griddle provides a durable and natural, non-stick cooking surface. It gets better with each use and cooks easily on electric, gas, glass, induction, oven, campfire, or grill heating surfaces.Your griddle is ready to use right out of the box thanks to its pre-seasoned surface. The pre-seasoned 14×28″ cast iron griddle from Pit Boss features ergonomic, easy-grip short handles. Simply prepare your favourite breakfast, lunch, and evening dishes. Grab both handles to easily transport it from the grill to the dinner table. The Pit Boss cast iron griddle also has two cooking sides. Cook a steak or make eggs and bacon for breakfast.

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