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Pit Boss Brisket Knife Set – 2 Piece


Product Details

Slice your barbecue creations like a true pit master with the Pit Boss Brisket Carving Set. Use these black stainless steel knives to prep your meat for the grill or slice and serve after cooking. The narrow and lightweight trimming knife has the flexibility to easily remove unwanted trimmings, and the brisket knife features a straight, uniform edge to cleanly slice up meat. Additional features include the ergonomic handle for a comfortable and strong grip, and custom protective sheaths to keep your knives protected during storage.

  • Brisket knife has a straight and uniform edge for slicing brisket
  • Trimming knife is narrow and lightweight which is key for trimming
  • Knives are made out of black stainless steel
  • Custom plastic sheath included on both knives
  • Brisket blade length is 11in + total knife length is 17.4in
  • Trimming knife blade length is 7in and total knife length is 13.2in

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