Victorinox Master Competition BBQ Set, 7 pieces


Meet your BBQ tools of the future, the Victorinox Master Competition BBQ Set. This set takes your outdoor grill game from so-so to smoky, succulent and off-the-scale. The lineup is well curated, featuring a range of blades to tackle any cut, size and texture of meat (or fish). High carbon, stainless steel blades are laser-tested to deliver precise, clean cuts with effortless ease. BBQ art: mastered.


  • Standard Paring Knife (5.0601.S)
  • Fibrox Boning Knife
  • Fibrox Carving Knife (5.2061.20)
  • Fibrox Slicing Knife (5.4201.25)
  • 10” Cimeter (5.7301.25)
  • 9” Sharpening Steel – 8-piece Poly Roll

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