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Yoder YS480 Stainless Steel Grease Shield –


Yoder Smokers YS480 Grease Shield This grease shield keeps salt, acid, and grease off of the front of your Yoder Smokers YS480 series pellet grill. Salt and acid are corrosive to the paint and grease just creates a sticky mess. The grease shield fits onto the front of your cooker and catches these substances before they can cause problems for you. Fixed on the back side of the shield is a high temperature Nomex material which reduces metal to metal contact. A removable rubber plug will hold these materials in the shield until you’re ready to remove it and clean it out. Simple, attractive, and effective! Features: -Keeps grease and other harmful substances off the surface of your grill -Makes for easy clean-up -High temperature Nomex strip reduces metal to metal contact -Removable rubber plug catches drips and comes out for clean-up -Lip attaches under lid of grill -Made for YS480 & YS480s pellet grills -Stainless Steel construction

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