Wear Gloves When You BBQ

Why do you wear gloves when you BBQ?

I wear nitrite gloves when I barbecue because I wash my hands a lot when I BBQ.  Often times before I discovered powder free nitrile gloves my hands would be dry and cracked the day after barbecuing all the meats.  Once I started wearing gloves and replacing them regularly throughout the day in combination with hand washing I find my hands feel a lot better.

What gloves should you wear?

I like wearing black powder free nitrile gloves.  They are available in a variety of sizes from Small-Extra Large. They were easier to source before the pandemic, but even now you they are starting to be more available at places like Costco, Medical Supply stores and Drug Stores and we sell them in store as well. We also offer a line of lined winter style nitrile dipped gloves that are great for handling hot meat as well: https://youneedabbq.com/product/nitrile-coated-bbq-glove/

How often should you change your gloves?

I find that my hands do sweat under my gloves, so I like to change and or remove them whenever I notice that my hands are getting wet inside the gloves.  I love having the versatility of being able to pull off a glove whenever I need to create a clean hand to handle a smoker lid handle or a door knob, you can just rip your glove off and bam, you reveal a clean hand underneath. I also change my gloves whenever they get dirty and I need to prevent cross contamination.

You can’t find black colored gloves, what should you do.

I like wearing black gloves because they look cool.  However there is no reason your gloves can’t be white, red, yellow, blue or any other color.  Just make sure they are powder free and not coated in any chemical that isn’t food safe.  Any medical glove will do, just make sure they don’t have powder which is a common ingredient for some manufacturers.

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