Where to buy high end Wagyu Beef in Edmonton

The easiest place to buy Wagyu beef in Edmonton is by mail. There are a couple of decent mail order beef boxes in Alberta, they will deliver beef right to your door. The next best spot is a local butcher, if the butcher you like does not have wagyu, then ask them to bring it in. If we miss any local spots that sell wagyu, please let us know so we can add them to the listing.

Mail order Beef

The Craft Beef Company

The Craft Beef Company is based in Three Hills Alberta and they ship across the province. They sell Nonay Wagyu X Beef. This beef is raised as a hybrid Wagyu Holstein. With amazing tenderness and marbling, this wagyu is not to be missed. Nonay beef is raised at the Lakeside Farmstead outside of Fort Saskatchewan. https://craftbeefco.ca/shop/wagyu-x/ . Craft beef does free shipping within Alberta on orders over $150.

Chop House Steaks

Chop House Steaks is a mail order beef company based in Nova Scotia, but they ship across Canada. This company sells locally raised Brant Lake Wagyu plus a selection of Japanese Wagyu as well. Because this product ships from Nova Scotia, the shipping rates are a little high, so it makes the most sense to order over $350 worth because then shipping is only $20.




Local Butchers that sell Wagyu

Buying wagyu online can be a little nerve racking because with the price you have to pay, it’s nice to be able to actually see the marbling first hand and maybe even hand select your steak. So here is a list of local Edmonton and area butchers that regularly stock wagyu beef.

Darcy’s Meats

With locations in St. Albert and now in Whitemud Crossing as well, Darcy’s is one of the best spots to go get your wagyu in and around Edmonton. Darcy’s often has a selection of fresh Wagyu steaks and roasts in the butcher case as well as many other frozen options as well. I got a Wagyu tritip there recently and it was the best tritip I have ever had.


Popowich Meat Company

One of Edmonton’s newest and best butcher shops, they recently celebrated their one-year anniversary. Popowich has one of Edmonton’s best butchers in Elyse Chatterton, one of the members of Team Canada for the World butcher championships. Popowich sells Brant Lake Wagyu in Edmonton. The selection may vary because it moves fast out of their location so make sure to call ahead to see what they have before heading down.


Fin’s Select Meats Sherwood Park

Fin’s used to be Edmonton’s premiere fish monger but a couple of years ago they were sold to Sysco and now they have expanded their offering to include all sorts of meats including Wagyu Beef. Their main offering for Wagyu that is available in the butcher case is Brant Lake Wagyu (check out the ribeyes!). I have also struck gold a couple of times by asking at the counter if they have anything in the back and I have scored Snake River Farms Gold Striploins (out of Idaho) out of the back. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want here, because of their ties to one of Canada’s largest food distributors, Fin’s can get their hands on all sorts of varieties of wagyu for you.


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