Brisket Points were on sale so I bought all of them

I was walking through the aisles of my local superstore and I saw whole briskets were on sale for around 7 bucks a KG, which is an awesome price for brisket.  I inspected the quality and they looked pretty good, but I really was just there to buy milk (I always browse the meat section), so I decided not to buy the briskets.  15 steps away though is where my resolve changed.  I spotted a package marked “brisket point” and it was only $6.57/KG.  You need to know this about me…. Brisket burnt ends are my favorite cut of meat.  I would rather have burnt ends than wagyu ribeye, I love burnt ends. Needless to say, grabbed all 3 that were on the shelf.

Some of the points were not points

I have literally cooked hundreds of briskets over the last couple of years, so I can identify the muscles of the brisket easily.  I was a little shocked to see that there were 2 packs of “brisket point” that were not actually brisket flat.  Brisket flat is also amazing, but it’s not as good as the point in my opinion.  The main different and way to tell brisket point from brisket flat is the grain in the muscle, the thickness, and the fat content. The flat muscle has a grain that runs all the way through and runs in the same direction.  Flats are also exactly that, they are flat the whole way through, whereas the point has a very defined increase in thickness towards one end. Lastly is fat content, a point has much more fat than the flat.  The flat has a line of fat that runs across the top of it called the Fat Cap, but the point has fat throughout the meat (which is what makes it so good!).

What will you do with that much brisket point?

I intend to make burnt ends, obviously.  But opportunities like this do not come up often, so I am going to really take advantage of the situation and I plan to do some serious recipe testing and seasoning testing.  We just got a new line of rubs in from Heath Riles, so I plan to use a couple of his rubs and do a side by side comparison against and in combination with some of the other rubs we carry in the shop.  People ask me all the time how my bbq can be so good and the simple answer is that I am always looking to improve.  I love testing different flavour profiles and doing comparisons like this. So here are the 3 flavour profiles I am going to build, stop by the shop one day and ask me how it all turned out.

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