Beef Finger Meat Recipe

Beef Finger Meat

You have walked past it a hundred times in the grocery store and thought to yourself “that’s looks delicious, I wonder how you cook it?”. Beef finger meat is very alluring because of it’s rich fat content and price (hint: it’s cheap!). But what is it!? Beef Finger meat is the meat that exists between the bones of beef ribs. This fatty, juicy meat is typically cut away from the bones from the section of the ribs where there is not much meat on top of the bones. So think half way between the short plate ribs and the ribeye. Because beef rib meat is one of my favorite things to eat off a cow, I had to perfect a recipe for the beef finger meat to take advantage of the cheap price and not paying for the bone!
Prep Time: 25 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Beef
Keyword: Low Cost
Difficulty: Easy
Servings: 4 people
Author: Russell Bird




  • Prepping the beef finger meat for the grill is very important. These little strips of rib meat are very fatty and typically also have the membrane attached to the bottom. This part can be a little bit labour intensive, but you want to remove the membrane from the meat because this layer will cause the meat to seam very tough, when in actual fact it is quite the opposite. I was able to remove most of mine with my fingers, but if you need to use a knife, then that’s ok.

Seasoning the Beef Finger Meat

  • I drizzled the meat with a thin coating of butcher bbq butter flavored grilling oil and then hit it with a heavy dose of Yonedas White Seasoning. You could use any beef rub that you have on hand, but we like the Yonedas White Seasoning because of it’s Salt, Pepper, Garlic. It pairs really well with the fatty beefy finger meat. Once the meat is seasoned you want to put it onto your skewers by pushing the skewers through the middle of the meat.

Grilling the Finger Meat

  • I cooked my finger meat directly over charcoal on the skewers for about 30 minutes until the outside was nice and crispy. I rotated the skewers about every 5 minutes to get an even browning on all sides. If you are cooking on a gas grill or pellet cooker, so you put the skewers directly on the grill at 500-600 degrees to get the same result as when I cooked on charcoal.

Resting the Beef Finger Meat

  • Once the finger meat is done cooking, take it off the grill and rest, covered in foil for at least 10 minutes. This will allow the juices to settle down and the meat to steam a little bit and slow the cooking process under the foil. I also use metal skewers, so it gives them a chance to cool enough to be handled. I like to serve the finger meat right on the skewers, but if you want to remove it you absolutely can.

Step By Step

  • Remove any membrane and extra fat from the finger meat.
  • Season the finger meat with butter flavor grilling oil and Yonedas White Seasoning.
  • Put the meat onto BBQ Skewers.
  • Grill over 500–600 degree heat for around 30 minutes until meat is crispy on the outside
  • Remove from the grill and let rest for 10 minutes.
  • Serve either on the skewer or removed.


What temperature should I cook finger meat?

Beef Finger meat is best when cooked hot and fast. I set my BBQ to around 600 degrees and cooked direct over charcoal on skewers until the meat was well done and crispy on the outside.

Can Beef Finger Meat be cooked low and slow?

You run the risk of drying out the fingers if you cook it low and slow, but it can be done. If that is the method you prefer, I would recommend putting the finger meat on at 225 degrees for around an hour and then wrapping in foil with lots of added moisture like beef broth and continuing to cook for 2-3 more hours.

Where can you buy beef finger meat?

Most Asian grocery stores and large chain stores like Real Canadian Superstore will sell beef finger meat in the meat section of the grocery store. It is often vacuum sealed in 2-4lb packs. Make sure to ask your local butcher to see if they can cut you some as well.

Does Beef Finger Meat go by any other names?

Beef finger meat is also called Boneless Rib Fingers, Beef Rib Fingers, Boneless Beef Ribs, Boneless Rib Meat or Tomahawk Steak Trimmings.

Can you grind up Beef Rib Finger Meat to make burgers?

Without a doubt, this meat would make some of the most delicious burgers you have ever had. The high fat content and delicious rib meat combined would make a great ground burger meat. In fact that is one of the most common uses for beef finger meat, is to grind it up into rib hamburger.

What Tools do you Need to make beef finger meat?

In order to complete this recipe, there are a few things you will need including tools and accessories. Some of these are optional, but they will make your life easier if you have all of them.
Beef Finger Meat Package
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  1. Wilson

    Where do you get this cut?

    • Russell Bird

      you can ask your local butcher, but I also see it often at superstore or wholesale club as well.


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