Introducing HESTAN

At You Need a BBQ, we are extremely picky about the grill lines we bring in.  Our new showroom in Sherwood Park is way bigger than our old one, but space is still at a premium.  So when we saw Hestan grills recently, we gave it a long hard look to confirm if it was going to be the right fit for us and more importantly, for our customers.  These grills are not inexpensive, in fact some would say they are very expensive, with their small built in models starting in the range of around $11,500 CDN and their cart models in the $20,000 range.  If youre looking to outfit an entire outdoor kitchen, they even have all inclusive packages for around $50,000.  If that excites you, please read on.

Why Hestan Grills?  Hestan Grills aligns with our core mission of helping you make world class BBQ at home.  These grills are not for your every day backyard BBQ, these grills are the pinnacle of an executive outdoor kitchen.

Hestan Grills are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design, and incredible performance. These grills are not just appliances; they’re a work of art that will elevate your grilling experience to a whole new level. Here’s what makes Hestan Grills stand out:

Precision Engineering

Hestan Grills are meticulously engineered to provide precise heat control and even distribution, ensuring your food is cooked to perfection every time. Its like working in a professional kitchen in your backyard.

Exceptional Quality

Crafted with premium materials and unmatched attention to detail, Hestan Grills are built to last and withstand the test of time. You wont need a crane to get it onto your deck, but these things are extremely sturdy.

Stunning Design

Hestan Grills are as beautiful as they are functional, featuring sleek and modern designs that will enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor cooking space. Mix and match the color way to match your patio furniture or general backyard esthetic.

Innovative Features

From their unique Trellis™ burner system to their built in rotisserie and salamander style top burner, Hestan Grills are packed with innovative features to make grilling a breeze.

Visit our You Need a BBQ store today to touch and feel our incredible showroom model of Hestan Grills deluxe cart BBQ. In the showroom, we have a 36” Freestanding Deluxe cart.  You can check out the patented trellis burner system live and in person.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your grilling experience. Come see us at You Need a BBQ and discover the Hestan difference today.

Find us at unit 50, 100 Broadview Drive Sherwood Park, Alberta For inquiries, call us at 780-229-0475  Visit our website at

Get ready to grill like a pro with Hestan Grills from You Need a BBQ. We can’t wait to serve you and help you become the BBQ king or queen of your neighborhood!

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