Hanging Ribs Recipe

Hanging Ribs (recipe)

Hanging ribs is something that the top competition teams have been doing for quite a while.  I mastered it in the summer of 2018 and took my skills to the World Championships that year as well.  This tried and true method of making ribs helps provide an extremely even cook as well as speeds up the process because you can cook a little hotter than other methods.
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 4 hours
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Pork
Keyword: Different, Savoury
Difficulty: Medium
Servings: 4 people
Author: Russell Bird




  • Turn your smoker up to around 325 Degrees F
    Take the membrane off of the back of the ribs by pulling it with a piece of paper towel. Make sure to pat the ribs dry prior to seasoning them. Trim off one or two bones on each end of the ribs and square them up by trimming away any excess meat.


  • Spread the mustard all over the ribs, this will act as a binder for the rub but will not alter the flavour of the ribs. Any mustard will do but if you happen to have some Motley Que Motley Mustard or honey mustard around, give it a try. Next you want to sprinkle the Big Poppa Smokers Money Rub all over the ribs, give it a heavy dusting. I like to create layers of flavour, so next add some of the Big Poppa Smokers Jalapeno Jallelujah rub to the ribs, making sure to do both the tops and bottoms of the ribs. Allow the rubs to melt into the meat on the counter for at least 20 minutes.


  • Place the S hook through the meat, making sure to hook the largest bone in the rack. Then hang the ribs from the top of the smoker, making sure to leave enough space between the racks that they will not touch each other. I like to stagger mine so I can also spray them with apple juice regularly without having to push the front racks out of the way.  Let the ribs cook and spray them every 40 minutes until they achieve a rich mahogany color (about 2 hours). Then take the ribs off the smoker, being careful not to drop them into the water pan or worse, onto the ground.

Wrapping Your Ribs

  • Lay 2 pieces of foil on your prep surface and get your ribs ready.  Pour about ¼ of a bottle of the Kosmos Q Pineapple Heat Rib Glaze onto the foil along with ¼ of the margarine.  Next place the ribs on top meat side down.  Repeat the rib glaze and margarine for the other side of the ribs.  Then wrap the foil tightly around the ribs to lock in all of that moisture. 


  • Once the ribs are wrapped you want to place them on a rack in the smoker meat side down for about another hour or 2 depending on how tender you want the ribs to become.  I usually check after an hour and then every 30 minutes until they are done.  You can tell the ribs are done when you go to lift them from the middle and you can see the meat start to pull away from the bones.

Saucing the Ribs

  • I like to pour some of the juice from inside the foil pouch to my sauce to thin it out a little bit.  Then I can paint the ribs with the Prairie Smoke and Spice Blue Ribbin Sauce and then back onto the smoker for 5-10 minutes just to set and warm the sauce.  Now you are ready to serve the ribs.
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