Spiceology, The Periodic Table of Flavour

I have been watching the Spiceology brand grow on social media for quite some time in the barbecue world. Their packaging is beautiful, and their spice blends and influencer pairings make my mouth water with some of the flavor combinations.  Spiceology is famous for having over 300 ground spices, herbs, chiles, salts, confections and even vegetable and fruit powders.  We have combed over their offerings and selected around 30 of the blends that we thought would fit best with BBQ and brought them into You Need a BBQ.


Yes Chef!

Spiceology was created by a chef (Pete Talor) and a blogger (Heather Scholten, AKA Farmgirl Gourmet), not food scientists.  Their blends are rooted in what people like to eat and flavors that actually work.  They believe in fresh flavors and constantly innovating.  They make their spices in small batches so they are always fresh, and they can pump out amazing new flavor combinations all the time. So, keep an eye in our store to see whats new from them.


Fastest Growing Spice Company

With partnerships like You Need a BBQ, Williams Sonoma and some of the great influencers in cooking, Spiceology has captured lightning in a bottle, or perhaps we should say, they captured flavor in a bottle.  Featuring such brands on their website as Disneyland, The Seattle Seahawks, Bon appetit and more, these guys are taking the spice world by storm and we are happy to be along for the flavor ride!


What Flavours did we bring in?

In our initial Spiceology launch we wanted to focus on BBQ inspired flavours and blends that would make up for some of the gaps in our current offering, but also inspire thought and creativity on the grill.

Here is what we have with more to come if you guys come in and buy this first run.

Smoky Honey Habanero – Smoked Paprika and honey granules with Habanero


Prime Rib Rub – Paprika with garlic and tomatoes


Nashville Hot Chicken – Sweet and Spicy combo of chili and sugar


Maui Wowee – Teriyaki rub with a punch of pineapple, brown sugar and tamari soy and sesame


Korean BBQ – soy sesame and orange with rice concentrate and maple sugar


Jamaican Jerk – Caribbean Paradise wth hint of cinnamon, cayenne, clove and allspice.


Chile Margarita – Citrusy sweet and spicy, it’s a Mexican party in your mouth


Greek Freak – Sun dried tomatoes, garlic, onion, nothing better with olives and bread than meat with this seasoning.


Black Magic – Blackening spice, Straight Cajun style.


Black and Bleu – Cajun Blackening mixed with Blue Cheese for a spicy cheesy flavor.


Pizza Cheese Seasoning – take your next cheese pizza to another stratosphere, salt, tomato powder, and cheese!


Isaac Toups Heat Wave – burger seasoning with pepper, Chile de arbol, Aleppo pepper and salt. Try it in Salsa!


Isaac Toups Thunderdust – All purpose cajun seasoning full of celery, peppers, white pepper and garlic.


Isaac Toups Louisiana Lightning – Creole Seafood Seasoning with mustard, White pepper, celery, garlic and Cayenne, try it on a Crawfish boil.


Isaac Toups Fryclone – Excellent on veggies and Fries obviously. Green Chilli, Cheese, vinegar and parm, yumm.


Sasquatch BBQ Butter Toss – Butter-Flavor-Concentrate, need we say more?


Sasquatch BBQ Stinger – Honey, Molasses, Chipotle with Chili powder


Sasquatch BBQ Mother Plucker – Great on chicken. Sugar, Salt, Lemon, Garlic, Hickory Smoke.


Sasquatch BBQ Erubtion – Should be called Eribtion, great on ribs. Great all round bbq rub.


Sasquatch BBQ Black Gold – Black Summer Truffle, Salt, Garlic, Onion, Chili and Activated Charcoal coconut, the ultimate steak rub.


Sasquatch BBQ Dirt – Beef rub with coffee, brown sugar, chilies and charcoal


Grill Dads Red Tuxedo – Salt, pepper and some unexpected peppers, that’s Szechuan peppercorn!


Grill Dads White Tuxedo – Sour cream and onion chips, but the BBQ version


Grill Dads Black Tuxedo – Texas Tradition, Salt, Chili, activated charcoal.


Sriracha Blend Honey Garlic – Garlicy Sweet and spicy, Huy Fong at it’s finest.


Sriracha Blend Miso Teriyaki – Red Miso, Sriracha, Tamari, Paprika, super fun to experiment with.


Sriracha Blend Black Truffle – Earthy richness of truffle combined with garlic and spice


Sriracha Blend Smoked Maple – The most Canadian sriracha blend ever made. Maple sugar and spice is so nice.

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